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Mickey- Medium Diamond

Mickey- Medium Diamond

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“Mickey” is soft to use and it’s ball shape is perfect for removing non-living tissue in replace of cuticle nippers.

  • Diamond Bit 
  • 100% Tungsten Steel
  • Medium Grit
  • Removing dead cuticle 
  • Suitable for Pedicure & Manicure 
  • Left Handed & Right Handed 
  • Shaft width of 3/32" 
  • Fits all Efile Machines 

The bit must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp, by following the manufacturer's instructions. 

Recommended to be replaced every 2-3months depending on how much they’re used. 


STEP 1: Clean your drill bits by using warm soapy water to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits flutes and teeth.

STEP 2: Soak your drill bits in liquid disinfectant for the time marked on the label to disinfect them.

    • If soaking in Barbicide please only steep for the recommended time, over- steeping can dull your drill bits or start to erode and remove the beautiful coating on your Pink Swan drill bits!

Step 3: Once the bit is fully clean you can use your preferred sterilising method. Once sterilised, dry the pieces and store in a container.

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