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WHOLESALE BULK BUY- 227 Gel Polishes

WHOLESALE BULK BUY- 227 Gel Polishes

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Bulk buy our full range of 227 Pink Swan 15ml Gel Polishes. 
This includes-

•The Galaxy Collection (6 cats eye gels)

•The Bridal Collection (7 gels)

•The Diamond Collection (10 gels)

•The Jelly Collection (12 gels)

•The Mermaid Collection (13 gels)

•The Pastel Collection (6 gels)

•The Neon Collection (4 gels)
•The Holographic Collection (12 gels)
•Unicorn Dust Duo (2 gels)

x156 Gel polish colours/glitters that are sold individually that do not come in a collection.

x1 each of our Base coat, Rubber Base coat, Clear Builder gel, Cover Blush Builder Gel, Cover Peach Nude Builder Gel, Cover Pink Builder Gel, Cover Girl Builder, White Builder Gel, Matte no wipe top coat & Gloss no wipe top coat. 

  • 1-2 coats for a Flawless Finish
  • UV Lamp 1 minute, 30 sec LED
  • 15ml Bottles
  • Hema Free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan 
  • 10 Free 

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